Exploits of an Amateur Dog Trainer: Blog Edition: November 2011

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Displaced By a Fire. Much Is Lost But Wally Stays Strong

There hasn't been much training going on of any kind lately, thanks to a recent house fire that has forced us out of our home. Many of Wally's and mine things are gone, as are many of the notes and articles we were using to train with.

So much of what we were doing is stopped since things like the blue rug and such are no longer around. As such, we've been just going through the basics and mostly trying to keep Wally as stable a possible so he can make an adjustment as well.

To his credit, Wally has been quite stable and adaptable through it all. He had some nervousness, as can be expected, and the first couple days were a challenge of sorts, especially in the case of using the bathroom in this strange place he's never seen before and not seeing his home and familiar sights and scents.

Now, he's adapted to the hotel we're currently staying at quite well. He's pretty much taken to it like home. He's sleeping peacefully, enjoying walks again, and getting to go in the car a lot more than usual since I don't want him in the way of the housekeepers when they come by to service the rooms.

This is quite an achievement for him, given the way he used to be. At first, there looked like it would be something of a regression, but it was mostly initial anxiety and confusion. Of course, we'll be moving on from the hotel eventually, and on to a temporary housing while our home is being repaired. That may well create another adjustment for him, but I think he'll be just fine after how he took this.