Exploits of an Amateur Dog Trainer: Blog Edition: May 2012

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Wally!

Today is Wally's 5th birthday. Can't believe he's that old, guess time really does fly!

He had a special lunch today with some of his favorite foods and he'll get some desert after dinner (like a bit of a doughnut or something that's safe for him to eat).

He'll also get the day completely "off" from training, just lots of fun and games today. Of course, he's enjoying that a lot!

He got a new dog bowl as a birthday present - a nice ceramic bowl that's colorful and much better than his tiny bowl. He also got some treats, a couple beef jerky sticks, and a new ball.

I hope the rest of his day goes nice and easy for him.

This summer will also be the 4th year he's been in my care. Can't believe it's been that long there either!