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Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Done Brushing My Teeth Already? Come On, A Little More?

Just got a new toothbrush and toothpaste for Wally as he really didn't care for the last one (and it really didn't seem to be all that good anyway). I had ordered it some days back and it arrived today. I was expecting to fight with Wally as he usually doesn't like me even taking a look at his teeth. It is supposed to be flavored like poultry (no, I wasn't brave enough to taste), and it really didn't have a smell to me.

So I was ready with the treats and prepared to do some desensitizing and the whole nine yards. Let him smell the toothbrush and the packaging and then the tube with the cap on. Took the cap off and he stuck his nose all up on the opening. Obviously, he's picking up some scent from it and he seemed to like it. I took the advice of the packaging and squeezed a little on my finger to let him taste. He wasted no time licking it off and started sniffing around for where more might be.

At this point, I put some on the toothbrush and geared up for the resistance and had all my "good boys" ready to go.

Wasn't even necessary.

He wasn't exactly overjoyed at the thought, but he wasn't shy about trying to lick the toothpaste off while I was trying to brush his teeth. I did praise him as I was doing it as he wasn't pulling away, but this went far better than I had thought it would go.

Of course, the toothpaste was not supposed to be the "treat" to go with the praise! I think he had other plans in mind.  I did only brush a few of his teeth just to get him used to it, but he was looking at me with "that" look when he just got something tasty from me complete with licking his lips. He was following the hand with the toothpaste in it and following me around.

Hopefully, this enthusiasm will continue with future brushings, making this surprisingly easy attempt something that I can expect from now on!

Whoever thought of meat-flavored toothpaste gets two-thumbs up from me.