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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Around and Around He Goes...Eventually

Gave him a break on the colors today. I'll likely use part of tomorrow's "All-Positive Monday" to do that, since at this point it's definitely no point to correcting him or setting up a problem with color so hard that he could even get it wrong.

Today was more with doing something I named "go around" where Wally has to go to an object I indicate, pass it, go around it (where the name comes from) and come back to me - unless I give him another direction, like going around it again or staying put or anything else. The problem comes in with the turning motion, not that he can't do it, but that he does it while not near the object.

I drew a crude ASCII drawing on one dog forum I visit ( that illustrates the problem:


                              X  |


                             |  X


Thanks to some insights given on the thread I made about it at the forum, we have some things to try/consider/be aware of as we get better at it.

I never would have thought the above diagram would be the problem. I thought the problem would be getting the turn motion down, but never that he'd be short on the object and that it would be perhaps the most challenging part for him out of the whole exercise!

But we'll get it, I'm pretty sure. He's come along quickly with it, so I think he can figure it out this little "bug". I just need to find the key that will make it click for him completely!