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Friday, April 29, 2011

Grooming Day: A Pampered Wally

Pretty much a light, fluffy day for Wally. We really didn't do much of anything today, just let him sniff around and get loved up on by his "friends" the little girls that like him so much - and outside of that, just a lot of walks and enjoying the nice spring day.

Later on in the day, he went in for a grooming. He got bathed and got his nails clipped. Perhaps, this wasn't so "pampered" for him, especially since there was a HUGE black dog also getting his nails clipped and his paws shaved. Wally isn't keen on big dogs or black dogs, and this dog was both! I'm not sure what breed she was. Added on to this is that Wally isn't so keen on going to the groomer anyway. I guess he knows he's going to get left behind, or perhaps it's the smell.

However, he's always wonderful so whatever issues he has with the place, it never translates out on the groomers or any other dogs because they always love the way he behaves and working on him.

Afterwords, he was all excited of course and got to love the rest of Petco! He even met a therapy dog in training that he wanted to play with and the other dog was interested too. Even more interesting is that he was named Wally as well! This dog (the one we met) looked a lot like a dachshund and was very gentle. It was good to see Wally acting good around the dog and enjoy the interaction. Before leaving, I got him some new shampoo and a couple bags of treats. I have to get used to the feel of petting short-haired dogs, as stupid as that sounds. Call it years of having a fluff ball!

Below are some pictures of what he looks like now. Forgive any "psycho" looks. It can't be helped!