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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Jumping Good Time

Today, Wally spent the day jumping around. For some reason, Wally was really frisky and energetic right from the start. I guess he got a really good night of sleep or something. So after the obligatory morning "play ritual" (and it's funny how when I let him in, he's looking over at the bed where we play like "yeah, yeah, good morning and all that - let's get the game on!") I gave him his morning walk and started on the jumping.

Wally usually isn't all into jumping, especially if he can just simply walk or "high step" over it - or walk around it. Today, though, he was really into it and jumped with enthusiasm. I didn't think to get any treats, but he didn't need them, he was just jumping around with me egging him on. He didn't miss any opportunity to jump and over anything he that had some height on it.

Once we got back inside, we stayed with the jumping theme. I made a makeshift jump obstacle and had him jump over it a lot. This time I did get the treats out since he's a little less enthusiastic about jumping across it still. He did make the jumps though and got himself a lot of treats. Then I stuck a little retrieving in the mix with putting the dumbbell past the jump and then he had to jump over it to get it and bring it back.

I thought this would do it, but no, Wally still was all eager and alert. So I sat in my gamer chair and got some really enticing treats. I stuck my leg out and made him jump over it, then I teased him with the treat a little and lifted it way up. I wanted him to jump up to get it.

Did he ever! He was in a sit in front of the chair, and when I was all like "get it! get it!" and moving the treat around, he put his front paws on my legs jumped (or I guess I should say propelled) his hind end up into the chair in a perfect sit position! I don't know if he realized what he did but while I was a bit in shock at the move he just pulled, he was climbing all up on me to get the treat. I hurried up and gave it to him.

I cued him to jump off my lap - and then repeated the whole thing again. A couple times, he tried to climb into my lap (which he typically does) but I had my "slippery" jogging pants on so he had a hard time making progress, so he did the same leaping move again.

The third time, he seemed like he remembered (or realized?) what he did because he did it again. I would have kept going (this time, I wanted to keep going) but he was starting to get worn out and panting pretty hard since it was a pretty humid and warm day. I sent him to his bed in my room so he could get some water and rest.

It was quite a fun day for him with all the jumping. He looked like he was satisfied, like some kind of need was fulfilled. He still didn't really sleep so much - just sort of laid down and rested - his "real" nap came only after he got his dinner.