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Friday, December 24, 2010

Welcome to the Blog Edition of Exploits of an Amateur Dog Trainer

New ground to mark!

Here, I'll share the adventures and things Wally and I are getting into and hopefully bring some insight about training dogs and sharing what I've learned and observed in working with Wally.

Wally is a 3 1/2 year old Coton de Tulear. He was very fearful, but we managed to get through that and now he's much more happy and free and showing me all his quirks, intelligence, and personality, and I'm loving every minute.

Wally and I have been working together for about two and a half years now. Most of that time was spent getting past his fearful personality, and just now have we both been seeing what he can do well and how he learns.

Wally is the first dog I've ever attempted to work with, and the first dog to ever be a part of my life so the world of dog training and dogs in general is still very new to me. I've learned a lot, but there's much more out there for me to discover. I'm mostly a positive reinforcement type trainer, though I use all aspects of operant and classical conditioning where needed. I especially love using shaping to teach Wally, and it's really opened up his abilities.

Future posts will hopefully be entertaining and informative to read! I hope you enjoy our adventures!

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