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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hodgepodge of Training

Wally's had to endure a wide variety of training recently. The most interesting is the introduction of Treibball, a dog sport I was recently made aware of. We're just getting the foundation going of course, and the first thing was getting him to push the ball (not paw it, which he loves to do: paw things). That was an exercise in and of itself, but he did grasp it. He seems eager to touch the ball and I've caught him pushing the ball on his own.

Beyond that, there was just a lot of other training going on. We reviewed the directions again, mentioning them as we turned on walks and calling them out and having him turn with me.

Then there was reviewing backing up (walking backwards) to help his rear-end awareness. To put a twist on it, I did this as well with him standing on just his back paws. That, of course, will make him use just those back paws to understand the movement and the new twist added one more thing for him to think about. Also went back to pivot training. He put his front paws on a book and he had to turn using just his back legs to maneuver. This was a challenge for him and it's been a while since we did this, so it was a bit of starting from the beginning again.

And of course the standard basics are always in effect. While probably no challenge, it's still using that brain of his.

He slept pretty deeply tonight and for most of the week. Did a lot of dreaming, so at the very least, it burned off a lot of his energy! :D