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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wally's New Bed: A Dog's Life?

Not too long ago, Wally finally got a real, legit dog bed.

Wally, the Coton, resting after training sessions with the amateur dog trainer.
Here, see the Coton, named Wally, resting after a long day of messing with the amateur dog trainer's (read: my) head during training sessions.

As you can see, it's a nice-sized bed.  He took to the bed immediately, which is unusual since he is usually wary around large objects. With the bed, though, he warmed up to it immediately ever since he first put a paw on it, literally. He put a paw on it, paused for a moment, and then climbed on and promptly lied down.

Wally looking up at me after taking the last picture, awakened by the flash of the camera.
It looks like the camera flash caught the attention of Wally, and now I have drawn his interest. I can only wonder what is in his mind.
Even when I picked up the bed (after having to coax him off of it!), he started following the bed, and when I stopped to open the door to take it downstairs, he kept sniffing the bed. This is really out of character or him because he very rarely shows interest in big things picked up and moving around. This bed really has captivated him.

Wally is curious, but is staying on his bed.
While his interest is aroused, Wally is reluctant to move from his comfortable resting spot and watches with a slightly-lazy curiosity.

He sleeps on his nice new bed almost as much as his favorite corner in my room. Almost. I guess comfy beds are great and he'll gladly take it, but nothing beats an old, familiar spot he's slept in since he's been here.