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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Walk Like A Human...

Lately, I've gotten into getting Wally to walk (and sometimes he'll hop...) while standing on his back paws. He's pretty much mastered just standing on his back paws. He will keep standing and standing, keeping himself balanced and focusing intently. He even will bark or stretch out his paws.

So, to take this further, or at least try to, we've started with walking on his back paws. He has some capacity for it, but he gets uncertain around objects or trying to turn corners. He'll go back down on all fours and look around, and then get back up, but by then, he's all out of position and often standing in front of me. We can use that (and we will!) but that's not what we're working on.

For now, I'm using a bit of luring, both to get him up to a standing position and mostly giving him a point to focus on (the treat) as he walks forward. Hopefully, this will help him learn how to find his balance while walking forward and take his mind off the surroundings.

The hopping comes in if I walk too fast for him to keep up on by walking. It looks funny (it freaks my mom out!) to see him hop. Not really ready for that yet, but I do still reward it, especially if he keeps it going and keeps up with me. Plus, it's not his fault if I walk too fast!

That's one thing that's in progress. Still trying to teach him to "read", which is something I need to get back to.