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Friday, June 3, 2011

Object Discrimination 4: Introducing Circle and Square Together

Today, we worked on the circle and square together for the first time. There wasn't any "testing" of the concept yet, just getting him to start seeing a difference between the two and that they have their own names and that each name relates to just that one object.

Much like in earlier lessons, the objects were pointed at while I said the name, in this case either "circulo" or "cuadrado". I also made sure to say the words very distinctly, sort of trying to give him a hint along the way and hopefully to get him to listen to the sound instead of just being so eager to run off and touch something.

I do think he's getting the hang of things relatively well with these shapes. When working just one shape at a time, he started to look for the shape so he's getting the idea of what each one looks at, it's just the names we need to drill more. It doesn't help work has been a pain lately, cutting into our training time.

With next week's "All-Positive Monday" I might work with all four of the objects, "hueso" (bone), "pelota" (ball), "circulo" (circle) and "cuadrado" (square). This would be the first time more than two objects have been presented to him, so I'll move slowly and try to make it as clear as possible for him.

Hopefully, this weekend, I'll have a chance to review the two shapes and the other two objects. I've also considered making "flash cards" for these as well, like with the colors. Or perhaps even cut out shapes, that way he's looking at the actual shape instead of the shape on a card. The question there is - can I make it big enough, but if he can see a piece of kibble or a treat, he should be able to see cut out shapes.

First, though, is getting him more confident in the problem at hand. I can't get too far ahead of myself!