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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wally's New Ball

Today, I was out and about, but before coming in, I stopped by Petco to see if there was anything I could get for Wally. It was on my way after all so I figured, "why not?"

New ball vs soccer ball.

At first, I didn't think I would find anything of interest. Well, aside from treats which he already has plenty of for now. And food. Plenty of food. Too much, perhaps. (Wally would likely say "you can never have too much food!")

But, as I was walking out, disappointed, I found a nice colorful ball for him. It has short, raised nap to help him grip it (and he often grips it by the loop it hung on in the store), and is pretty fat for his size and feels like it's durable. It's different than his soccer ball in that it's firmer, has a squeaker in it to get his attention (he can't make it squeak, though, I don't think he's strong enough, but I can squeak it), and with it being fat and more compact, he can carry it easier. His soccer ball hits the ground because it's much bigger, knocking it out of his mouth.

Wally trying to keep ball still
so he can grab it.

Wally took to the new ball quickly and seemed to like the nap. He still has a bit of trouble picking it up, probably still needs to learn how to grip it, but he enjoyed going after it and pawing at it when he got to it. The size makes it easier for me to throw as well and I can make it bounce a little, throw it in different ways, or toss it quickly past him if he's close by or after getting him wound up trying to get it out of my hand.

Unfortunately, the heat and humidity were in full force today so I couldn't have him run around for long. Didn't want to risk any heat sickness or the like. Later on, played with the ball indoors and I was able to get some pictures of his play.

Wally carrying the ball back to me.