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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Lazy Sunday: Day Off For Wally

Everyone needs a day off. I think that includes dogs.

Today, we didn't do any training at all. Just a day of leisurely walking and he could just go around and sniff and walk ahead (to a point) and just investigate things.

We also played a bit, just a straight up game and having fun. He really liked that of course, and he was very very happy on the walks almost like he knew it was just a "free day" for him. He had plenty of fun just checking out all the scents and catching up on the "doggie news" and "pee mail".

Of course, he continued to be nosy - that's just him. He came out in the garden with me to catch some sun and listen to the sounds in the neighborhood. Once in a while when a dog walked by, he didn't bark or even go to the fence, but just watched with interest and sniffing the air. He also sniffed the wind when it blew, something he seems to enjoy doing, I've noticed. He listened to the voices of kids and other sounds with interest.

Most of the day, though, he spent in the below position:

Don't mind me, just chillin' in my favorite corner of your room.

He took the chance to get a lot of sleep. It was kind of warm today, and that usually makes him a bit sleepy as well. He was so devoted to his sleeping plan that he didn't even try to find me when I "sneaked" out of the room while he was knocked out. He didn't even move from the corner, he just lying in a different position.

Even now, he's still sleeping, occasionally twitching an ear or sniffing while still lying down. He did move from the corner though, and is now sleeping on his bed in my room.

Looks like he's enjoying sleeping as much as he enjoyed his leisurely rest of the day!