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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Object Discrimination 1: Rabbit vs Ball

I figure it's time to start doing some "real" object discrimination again. I've done it some time back, and then tried it here or there, but probably going too fast or not using things he can really see. They last time I really did this semi-formally, it was trying to have to tell the difference between a picture of Dora and Kai-lan, two kids characters he seems to like.

That didn't go well, and then I started working on his bone and ball, and didn't really go that into it for some reason.

And of course, keeping with the Spanish theme, I looked up the words for ball and rabbit in Spanish and will be using them as the cue. In case you're mildly interested, rabbit = el conejo and ball = la pelota. I'm debating between including the "el" and "la" for purposes of a cue. It adds a syllable and there's going to be lots of "el"s and "la"s if I keep teaching objects, so I don't think it adds any information for him.

The two objects are of vastly different shape, size, and color. This helps keep it easy for him to see a distinct difference in their appearance. Both of these objects are very familiar to him (they are some of his toys).

The only other question is what size of ball to use. I could use the BIG exercise ball, his soccer ball, a smaller ball than that, or his tiny soccer ball. The tiny ball might be TOO small. Hmm...perhaps this might be something to experiment with. All of the balls are different size from the rabbit, so there's one less thing to worry with.

I think he'll end up enjoying this as much as the colors, and it will be interesting to see if he doesn't pick this up faster since it's a physical object instead of something somewhat abstract like a color.