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Monday, May 16, 2011

Wally vs Me: Day 3 - Vámanos/Pare

First, no scorecard picture as my camera's battery ran out so I can't get the picture. Sorry about that.

However, I can report that Wally surprised me with his performance as I thought this would be quite the challenge for him, but instead, he mopped up.

The final score was Wally winning 29-7, a 80.5% success rate. This is his highest percentage so far, beating out his Day 1 percentage of 76.3%. This was great to see as at first, he had a real hard time with these two, especially "pare" as he couldn't get the connection that this was the old "wait" behavior.

Wally, though, clicked and clicked often. There wasn't even much of a "warm-up" period where he would struggle and then run off successes. This time, he mostly struggled from excitement. It didn't help that there was a lot of movement going on and without any run of failures, his spirits were always sky high and ready to go, sometimes missing what I would want him to do or not coming to a stop and staying put when I said "pare".

As such, there was no real context that created more problems for him. Even at distance, he was able to get the cues and working well. Granted, his success rate was just above that "magical" 80% mark, observing him carrying out the task, he knew what he was doing, instead of the errors being ones of confusion or him hesitating and "over-thinking" the cue.

The running total thus far is Wally: 81, Me: 33, Rate: 71.1%

Not bad at all. Just really one struggling day, Day 2 with opening and closing the door.

Tomorrow is All-Positive Monday, so no game for sure as he might not always get it right (since the All-Positive Mondays are attempting to find ways where true 100% positive reinforcement training can be used). In fact, I think I'll delay as I reconsider the next two scheduled game days. Main reason being that he may not know them in enough contexts to really give him a fair chance. Those days involve object discrimination and color discrimination, two things we're really just getting the handle on.

We'll see, but for now, a good job for Wally and his part game and part training times!