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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"All-Positive Monday II" Results

Once again, no major changes in Wally's demeanor or behavior from the "All-Positive" day, so it must not be that major of a change for him. That's good. :)

I did notice one interesting thing: I didn't get any new behaviors from him, despite constantly getting rewarded for anything - whether we worked on it before or not.

He usually did most of his usual behaviors, just faster, more often, and with more "oomph" sometimes as if sitting so hard that he flops on the floor will make me reward him faster or something! But I was thinking he'd try to pick up some of those newer behaviors, just to try them to see if he would get rewarded again, but I didn't see it. It seems like that for us, this is a good way to refresh/review known behaviors.

Or, perhaps I'm looking at the wrong data, as it were. Perhaps what he is telling me through his behavior is something like "These are the ones I can easily call up while I'm so excited and just want the next reward!" or perhaps, "These are the things that are on the top of my mind/are the ones I feel like I've been most rewarded for."

Or, perhaps I need to "create" more situations. Leave out some objects and see what he does with them. Put some new "features" in the "terrain" to see what he does or how he responds. Things like that might trigger some other behaviors or give more insight to what's going on.

Looks like I have some things to consider in preparation for next Monday! I am glad I started this, though, and I don't think Wally has any complaints about it either!