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Monday, March 28, 2011

"All-Positive Monday" III

Monday #3 of "All-Positive Monday" and this time it will be different. I will leave "hints" around at things he can do to earn rewards. For example, one room might have one of his toys he likes to pick up, so he can go pick it up if he wants, or poke it or whatever. Doors that can be opened or closed, objects he can interact with, basically there will be objects around that hopefully will attract some attention and lead to behaviors I can reward.

Also will be doing this outside on our walks. If there's some obstacles in the way, even better. I can then capture him going around them, or even interacting with them, or maybe jumping over them? (that would be nice!) Different terrain so capturing him heeling when the terrain isn't even/level can happen. Might even take an object outside and see what he does. Won't be something "loaded" like his dumbbell (that would suggest too much of what he's supposed to do with it) but maybe something like his soccer ball or something.

This time, I won't be looking for any temperament changes - Monday #1 and #2 have shown me there won't be any - which is a good thing, really. I'll be looking for more in the way of any new or newly used behaviors. See more what he's thinking and what he'll choose to offer in various situations, and see if there's any changes as things go on. Perhaps even try to set up changes - take him to one scenario where he'll be more apt to paw and then take him to another where usually he'll pick something up - see if he paws instead, things like that.

As always, feel free to contact me with ideas or anything else.