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Thursday, March 31, 2011

There's a Monster Under the Table! Oh...It Was Just a Pillow

No training today. Wally had the day off from my craziness so we just hung around when going outside, letting him sniff around "be a dog" as they say (what else is he going to be? Some of these expressions make no sense to me!) and just lay around the house and dig imaginary holes in his bed and whatnot.

Though he did one really strange thing. Usually he goes in the living room while waiting for me to get my shoes and jacket on to take him out. But I notice he got to the entrance to the living room, stopped and turn around. At first I thought he was doing some wacky thing, but when I asked him to go into the living room, he kept looking under the table and then would turn around again looking all agitated with his tail down and everything.

I tried again and he looked me like "you first" (I thought dogs were supposed to protect you if they saw danger, not throw you to the wolves!) so I went in there (he's probably like "stupid human") and called him in the room. He just wouldn't come with any readiness. He finally did but would NOT sit in front of the table. He sat to the side, wouldn't sit in front of me (he wanted to the sit to the side, like in a "finish").

He kept looking under the table and, like with a lot of these "fears" it's usually because he sees a shadow or some shape in the darkest part of the room and he can't make out what it is.

So I look under the table, try to see the world like he does, and I saw the pillow. It wasn't so much under the table, but he could see it by looking under the table. So I grab the pillow and flop it down in front of him - which makes him back up like "Dude, what are you doing?!" but then he saw it was the pillow and sat on top of it. I must of had some look on my face (too bad I can't attach a "Wally Cam") because he kind of tilted his head and flicked his ears in and out wondering why I'm standing there looking at him instead of getting ready to take him out.

Crazy dog!