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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Muscle Dog in the Making?

Every once in a while, I weigh Wally to make sure his weight is at the right level.

Well, today, I noticed his weight had climbed up 3 lbs. Now, I know his legs are getting stronger. I was feeling them a couple days ago and could tell they are getting far more muscular, and it was easy to tell because the poor dog's hair was stuck to his skin due to the rain.

What I never would have guessed is that he put on that much weight just from his muscle! He also picked up some muscle in his neck as well, but three full pounds? I weighed him four times, checked the scale to make sure it was calibrated, it was just a surprise.

And it is just the muscle - his body shape is the same, making it even more surprising that the weight increase was there.

That said, I could tell he was getting stronger. He's much more able to stand on his back legs for what seems like an eternity and he has zero effort going from any position to standing up on them (and he seems to love doing it even more than before). He's even taking to hopping while standing on his back legs, and walking backwards. Backwards! The begging/sitting-pretty position is no problem for him, though I imagine that is more about his back strength, but it does take balance on his back legs.

So I'm wondering just how much muscle and strength he'll keep picking up. Also wonder if working on his rear awareness is contributing to this as well.